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My name is Nanci Harran and I am a wedding photographer. Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things to do.  Really.  I agonize over just saying the right thing, or something to make you chuckle.  Well, I'm not a stand-up comedian, but a very hard working woman who loves her job entirely. I've been at this thing called love stories for over 18 years now. 

 I like to show an entire wedding. As it happens right in front of me. I have a hard time narrowing it down to the top 5 or 10 images for my website.  So, I'll be showing you a wedding almost in it's entirity.  I also like to shoot in a sequence. Sometimes you need to see several images in a row to show what is going on. I want to show your personality and the people around you!  Even if you're a little shy.  I'll watch from afar, if necessary, as does my 2nd photographer.  Or looking for a different angles. A client once told me, my images are real. There's a truth to them.  And she's right.  Oh, I can pose a couple if that's what you want.  Absolutely. So, when you're searching for a photographer for your wedding, take a moment to look through my galleries.  And, I'm hoping that my artistic eye of a wedding day, merges with your vision of your wedding day!

I photograph all kinds of people.  The one thing that binds them together is love.  Love knows no boundaries.  Love is ageless.  All these sayings have been said by other people, but again, there is a authenticity to them. Because it's true!

If you've gotten this far, then let's set up an appointment and sign a contract!!